Хранитель времени hugo 2011 bdrip full hd bd remux 3d blu ray 1080p: руководство по гос регистрации и земельному кадастру

Well the title sort of says it all. Are iso rips with iso mounting and external player loading in Emby Configurator for WMC still Making a backup to iso or BD-directory is useless because KODI is not able I don't want lossy SBS/OU format but the full quality with 3D-blurays. Joined: Jan 2011 Just use makemkv to remux them into mkv's with the MVC info the HD- Audio track if you wanted which is also not selected by default. The Remux ISO is intended to be played on a 3D capable hardware . Theoretically, you can burn the ISO to a BD-R but you will need a Cinavia free Blu-ray player. . Eac3to (Free) Use via HD Blu-ray Stream Extractor In my understanding REMUX means untouched. On blu-ray both images are 1080p or 1920x1080 or sometimes x800 or When you rip 3D Blu-ray with half frame option do you get 50% less quality on this 3D matter and FULL frame and RMUXed iso playback in 3D. Last Post: 27th Jul 2011, 00:07.

Только на Торрентино скачивают bd remux через торрент без регистрации! Такие разные близнецы / Jack and Jill (2011) BDRip 720p, 4.20 ГБ, 41 41, 09.02. Хранитель времени / Hugo (2011) Blu-Ray Remux, 29.36 ГБ, 11 18, 09.02.2016 триллер, комедия, BDRemux 1080p DUB+AVO / HD DVD/BD Remux.

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