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Throw the penguin to the albatross, so they pick him and make him land as far as possible. Get a good score. Use the mouse to throw the penguin. Yetisports Part 1 - Pengu Throw - Smash the penguin. Free online flash penguin games, Chris Hilgert's Classic yetisports games all free to play online Games - Yetisports: Ylympics . Yetisports: Ylympics Champion: arie1kanarie Score: 2685 in 09:14. Highest score of all time: senna Score: 3531 in 06:44 . My favorite is da flamingo one, i wish dat was a game awn its awn August

This game is already a classic at Internet. Spank the penguin If Yeti hits the right direction one of them catches Pingu. All other LEFT MOUSE BUTTON clicks flap albatros wings. Flapping wings near ground (Sand) is more.

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